Thursday, November 14, 2013

Superb Moist Chocolate Cake by ME..!

Here it is.....!!!

The cake was moist and delicious. The only problems I had was that it took a much longer time to cook.

However, I'm sure chocolate lovers will love this cake:)

My University Life

This is my campus life story. I’m in third semester now.
I am studying in University Utara Malaysia (UUM) where it is the only university that was set up to specialise solely in management education from the very beginning of its establishment. There are 3 main academic colleges, namely UUM COB, UUM CAS and UUM COLGIS. I am under UUM COB. I am proud to be a part of UUM. UUM is the place where I discovered my real abilities and power of myself. I love UUM. 

STID 1103 Computer Application in Management

Actually,it is such a long time I don't write blog.

Until, the STID 1103 lecturer said that one of the individual assignments  creating or maintaining a blog.  
Ah ha..then I remember my blog and now I want maintain it until it as a habit.

However,thank you to my STID 1103 lecturer, Sir Mohd Tarmizi Musa. For me, he is a nice lecturer.